About Us

We are Kernel Insights. Dittory is one of our products. Our goal is to make it effortlessly easy for you to make better choices. With Dittory, we want you to make discovering products you love fun and easy. We want to help you people find the best possible item, at the best possible price. Whether you are buying a luxurious silk Saree, or a nice Kurta, or some kick-ass shoes, we will help you find the best option. We currently track more than 65 million products and coupons across 1000s of sites and apps and are increasing these numbers every day.

Meet Our Team!

Abhisek Majumder

Android Developer

Abhisek is a great cook, but he's never invited us over.
Afridi Shayc

Product Engineer

Afridi prefers textual communication to verbal in every situation, including the intensely personal.
Asha Vishwanathan

Data Scientist

Asha is building a facebook bot to reply with sympathetic niceties on her behalf.
Durai Rajaa N

Product Engineer

Durai is a very serious person who doesn't like wasting time, even on vacations.
Hemanth C

Product Engineer

Hemanth is a philosopher who is completely averse to quantifying anything in life.
Nandini S

Data Curator

Nandini's "Akashavani radio voice" fueled the viral fame of our walk-through videos
Sagar Rasheed

Product Engineer

Sagar never walks. He stumbles forward at great speed
Sai Gaddam

Founder, Data Scientist

Sai spends more time thinking about witty code comments than actual code. And it shows.
Sriram Krishnan

Product Engineer

Sriram once bought a dumbell set two years ago, and never touched it again.
Join Us!

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